rachel mathews, lmt

rachel is a healing artist with a focus in bodywork, ritual practices, and kundalini yoga. she received her massage, reiki II, and kundalini level 1 certifications from the crestone healing arts center in crestone, colorado. rachel has been practicing bodywork professionally since december 2018, and teaching kundalini yoga since 2016. sacred embodiment is her vehicle through which to offer these gifts.

rachel’s intention is to be a clear channel for divine love to flow through in each session. she is dedicated to co-creating a more abundant and free world for all people -in harmony with the planet and all living things- through revolutionary creativity, mutual aid, reparations, and ancestral healing.

sacred embodiment is a healing ritual in the body temple. this offering exists that you may occupy your body more fully, as you remember your vastness.

embodiment is a sacred gift, a time for spirit to play and create in the physical dimension. may you find what you seek on your journey through the spirals of sacred embodiment.

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