sacred embodiment is a liminal space held reverently. decorated as an immersion into a fairy wonderland, the space provides a healing respite for a hero on a quest, discovered with wonder and relief on the journey through an enchanted forest. magic is afoot.


rachel is a healing artist with a focus in magical massage and kundalini yoga. she received her trainings and certifications from the crestone healing arts center. rachel has been practicing body and energy work professionally since december 2018, and has an intuitive aptitude for these practices. her intention is to be as pure of a channel as possible for divine love to flow through in each session. it is her deep honor to hold space for your journey towards self healing; for a more grounded, abundant, and liberated experience within your body.

sacred embodiment is a healing ritual in the body temple. this offering exists that you may occupy your body more fully, as you remember your vastness.

embodiment is a sacred gift, a time for spirit to play and create in the physical dimension. may you find what you seek on your journey through the spirals of sacred embodiment.

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