covid-19 safety

sacred embodiment is open in compliance with all recommended and required safety protocols from all applicable parties, including the CDC, WHO, CDPHE, DORA, and ABMP.

The close physical contact of massage poses a risk at this time. I am taking every possible precaution to help mitigate that risk, but it still exists. You must determine if this risk is appropriate for you. Please carefully consider the full extent of this risk for yourself and your loved ones before receiving a massage.

I am limiting my schedule with ample time between each client to thoroughly disinfect and ventilate the space. Fresh air flows into the space through the window unit at all times, and a small fan clears the air around the face cradle to limit our expelled air contact while I am working around your neck and head. I wear a mask with a PM2.5 filter for the entirety of the session and change my apron in between each client.

If you are considering making an appointment, I recommend reading through the following:

Those with underlying conditions may be at higher risk for developing serious infections. If any of the underlying conditions applies to you, I strongly recommend postponing your massage until a treatment or vaccine for COVID-19 becomes available.

Underlying Conditions

65 years of age or older/ Living in a nursing home or long-term care facility/ Chronic lung disease/ Moderate to severe asthma/ Smoking/ Heart conditions/ Undergoing cancer treatment/ Liver disease/ Immune deficiencies/ Severe obesity/ Diabetes/ Chronic kidney disease and undergoing dialysis/ Bone marrow or organ transplant recipients/ Prolonged use of corticosteroids.

If you do not have any underlying conditions, you may be in the estimated 80% of people who are able to weather the virus at home, without medical intervention. We are still unsure of the full extent of long-term health complications which may arise as a result of infection. 

Please read and adhere to the following requirements:

Safety Requirements

  • Please arrive on time, not early, to your appointment, as I will be thoroughly disinfecting and ventilating the space between clients.
  • Properly fitting masks must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times by the client and the therapist. Please secure your mask before entry. I will not be providing masks, so please remember to wear yours. Bandanas are not permitted. A pillowcase will be provided over the face cradle as your mask in the face down position, to allow for greater ease of breathing.
  • Venmo is the preferred method for payments and tips at this time. I will take cash or checks if necessary.
  • Please print and fill out forms ahead of time if you can, otherwise paper copies will be available when you arrive.
  • Please be recently showered and wear clean clothes to your appointment.
  • There is a sink inside of my massage space for you to wash your hands upon entry, and before you leave. Hand sanitizer is also provided.
  • We will conduct the intake interview at a distance of 6 feet, and minimize talking while you are on the table.
  • Please bring your own water bottle.
  • Please take your temperature prior to your appointment if you can, and cancel your appointment if it is over 100°F.

Revised Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees are waived if you are feeling at all unwell, exhibiting any cold, flu or COVID related symptoms, or suspect that you have been in contact with someone who may be sick. Please do not hesitate to cancel your appointment, and let me know as soon as possible at 912-856-6307.

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