quest support

90 minutes $144

on your journey through the spirals of sacred embodiment, you have encountered many challenges, incurring wounds and fatigue. the forest you travel through is gnarled…a bit spooky. as you begin to wonder if you have lost your way, you stumble upon a clearing in the woods, where the sun is shining and a small stream trickles nearby. you have found a meeting place between heaven and earth, a liminal space, where your body can be nourished and your spirit refreshed…

journey to the pool of reflection

facilitates a meeting with your shadow or inner child through guided meditation, inviting integration and remembrance of the original self through massage and energy work.

full health

incorporates therapeutic massage, cupping, and acupressure for issue specific rejuvenation, and overall health and wellbeing. a life force tune up.

swamp monster

release overwhelming energy with a guided meditation, massage, and reiki. optional releasing spell and smoke clearing to close. (this session can also be designated towards grief, creating spaciousness for emotions to move through.)

spell caster

includes a guided meditation with candle magic, crafted in session with your specific intention. followed by massage and energy work to initiate and amplify your spell.

quest support sessions are designed to anchor your intention, and facilitate a meaningful ritual experience for sustenance and advancement along your journey.

let’s make magic together.

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