Kundalini Yoga Class Schedule

Kundalini Yoga Denver

2945 Julian St. Denver CO 80211

Rachel teaches every other Wednesday from 6:30- 7:45 pm

(January 30/ February 13/ February 27/ March 13/ March 20…)

Classes at this studio are by donation!


Zenver Yoga

3729 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO 80211

Kundalini Yoga Workshop Series

These workshops are for everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners of Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is a deeply transformative practice that invites us back home, into the awareness of our Original Selves. When we return to our origins, to the Void, we find the potential for everything. It is here that we make our first movements towards manifestation…from darkness to light. Join us for one or all of these two-hour workshops focused on cultivating Kundalini energy for personal and collective remembrance, returning, and rebirthing in the new year.

$25 per session

Session 1: February 2, 2019 “Moving from Darkness to Light”

On this auspicious day known as Imbolc, we celebrate the return of the Sun and the promise of new life in the Spring. This workshop will focus on preparing our inner landscapes for the changing season, clearing the darkness of the subconscious to invite more light into our lives.

Session 2: February 23, 2019 “Auric Amplification”

Our energy is precious, and it is up to us to protect it and direct it in ways that bring about our highest and greatest good. This workshop will focus on purifying and strengthening the Aura, a magnetic field that allows us to move in the world with protection and projection.

Session 3: March 16, 2019 “Manifesting through Movement”

As within, so without. The postures that we place ourselves in have ripple effects into our reality. Our body is a gift, a temple for our Spirit to play, to experiment with infinite possibilities. This workshop will focus on holding a fertile space for ourselves and our intentions, with a perspective of prosperity and gratitude.

Sign up for workshops in advance at http://www.zenveryoga.com/workshops—retreats.html