all aspects of embodiment are sacred, and all bodies are sacred. healing work is inherently concerned with the systems of harm under capitalism, deeply rooted in racism, that inflict damage and trauma on individuals and the collective, either recognizably or subtly necessitating healing. the oppressed and the oppressor have both been genetically altered by this system. these ancestral wounds are carried within all of us. (see the epigenetics of trauma, the epigenetics of violence, and the epigenetics of poverty. see also the relationship between poverty and violence.) the false belief in separation harms all of us. that’s what this practice has always been about for me, a tool for remembrance, that nothing and no one is separate.

sacred embodiment exists to serve those who work to envision and create a more just and equitable society, those who work to heal themselves and their ancestral lineages, those who work to dismantle capitalism, those who have survived trauma and abuse, those who will stop at nothing to see all people liberated, and those who seek harmony within our communities and ecosystems on our shared planet. this is an inclusive practice focused on creating new systems of support for all.

embodiment is equal parts darkness and light, truth encompassed by its perceived opposite. we must journey into the dark places, to love, accept, and reintegrate the aspects of ourselves deemed unworthy or unlovable, to remember that we are whole, and holy, already. sacred embodiment is a place of respite and restoration, an overflowing cup, luxurious care, and renewed fortitude. it is a safe space to rest and receive so that we are empowered to continue the journey. it is a magically qualified space where the universe is listening, ready to receive our heartfelt desires and co-create them with us. a joyful heart is our most powerful resource for creating the world we wish to see, so we tend to it here.

thank you to everyone who is working to unfold a free world. may you journey through the spirals of sacred embodiment with grace and ease.

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